Study Permit

A study permit is a formal document that enables foreign nationals to pursue studies at designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada.

Education in Canada

Choosing to study in Canada as an international student is a wise investment for your future. Canada has a globally recognized education system that spans from elementary school to high school, colleges, universities, and beyond.

The Canadian education system has a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures international students receive world-class education. Studying in Canada as an international student has numerous benefits.

Levels of Education in Canada

Primary Schools

The Canadian Primary School System provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children from kindergarten to grade 8.

Secondary Schools

Canadian high schools offer opportunities for students to grow, learn and develop skills for their future. High school classes span from 9 to 12.

Language Schools

Canada is a bilingual country, and English and French are the official languages. Canada is ranked number one globally in language teaching.

Technical and Vocational Colleges and Schools

To acquire practical and professional skills, Canadian technical and vocational colleges and schools can set you on the path to success.


Canada has some of the world’s top-ranked universities that have played a vital role in fundamental changes in human life and continue to lead in research.

Graduate Studies

Canada offers graduate study options, including masters and doctoral programs, throughout the country.

Professional Certifications

In Canada, you can obtain professional certification in your field of work, which paves the way for job opportunities in Canada or internationally.

Student Exchange Programs

Attending high school, college or university in Canada through a student exchange program with other countries is another educational program available in Canada.

Online and Distance Learning Programs

Canada is one of the leading countries in online learning and distance learning.


To study in Canada, you must be enrolled in a designated learning institution (DLI). Additionally, you must provide proof of funds to cover your expenses, including tuition, living expenses, transportation, and those of any accompanying family members. You must also have no criminal record, be in good health, and prove to an immigration officer that you will leave Canada after your study permit expires.

Responsibilities while studying in Canada

As a student in Canada, it is your responsibility to make progress in completing your program, respect the conditions in your study permit, and leave Canada when your permit expires or if you become ineligible.

In some cases, you may not require a study permit to study in Canada if the program or course duration is less than 6 months, and you can complete it while visiting Canada and have valid status.

Documents Required for a Study Permit

To apply for a study permit in Canada, you need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), travel documents, and evidence of financial ability. Additional documents may be required, such as a study plan or a Certificate (CAQ) for applicants studying in Quebec.

Designated Learning Institutions in Canada

All elementary and high schools in Canada are Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), but they are not on the list. If you plan to attend an educational institution after high school, ensure it is on the list and has a DLI number.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

If your goal in studying in Canada is to apply for permanent residency, you need to know if you are eligible to work after graduation. Not all DLIs are eligible for a post-graduate open work permit.

Validity of Study Permit

A study permit will be issued for the duration of the program plus three months or the expiration date of the applicant's passport, whichever comes first.

Designated learning institutions list

Application Fees

# Application Type Fee ( Canadian Dollars)
1 Study permit (including extensions) – per person 150
2 Restore your status as a student 350
3 Biometrics – per person 85

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